Spring tour through Dovedale

Atmospheric Pilsbury


Cycling from Parsley hay to Pilsbury , destination
Pilsbury castle hill fort.
On approaching a stile a sign came into view "no
Cycling", luckily it was only about ¼ mile walk to
Pilsbury castle earth works.
On arrival mid morning I opted to use a circular
Polarizer to darken the blue sky, highlighting the
contrast of the foreground rock, and so making
For a atmospheric black & white image.

Here is another "Pilsbury Hill"

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Spring along the Dove


On the return journey I took the longer route to
Avoid the trek up the large Derbyshire hills, this
Alternative route runs parallel to the river Dove.

A sound of cascading water drew my attention
To a possible image, on making my way down
The bank I could see a spring which was the
Source of the sound.

The extra expanse of water joining the river Dove
Made for a great spring image.

The 9 ½ mile! Cycle ride looking for images of
Spring was well worth the

Here is the not to far "Atmospheric Pilsbury"

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